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Easy Stack Calculator

Important notice: The development of the Easy Stack Calculator has been stalled. There will be no further development on this project. This project always was a proof of concept only. Bugs are not gonna be fixed. For current programming projects please visit http://dev.buetow.org and enjoy :)

Calculator is a very portable text based calculator program written in C++.

Version 0.6 (Sep 20th 2005)

Version 0.5 (Apr 18 2005)

Version 0.4.1 (Dec 1st 2004) - Bugfix release

Version 0.4 (Nov 27th 2004)

Version 0.3.1 (Jul 26th 2004) - Bugfix release

Version 0.3 (May 8th 2004)

Version 0.2 (May 2nd 2004)

Version 0.1 (May 1st 2004)